Wholesalers & Jewellers

At Infinity Gems we regard our clients as our partners, and it is our aim to give each partner the support, service and supply they need to ensure their customers have the gemstones they desire.


We pride ourselves on working with partners that range from small, independent jewellers right through to large global wholesalers, and it is our aim to work with each client individually to create bespoke and tailor-made accounts that guarantee they have the gems they need, when they need them – wherever they are in the world.

    Gems on Approval

      With the endless spectrum of colors, cuts, shapes and sizes available within gemstones, selecting the perfect stone is a delicate and time-consuming process.
      With this in mind, we are pleased to give our trusted network of jewellery professionals and Professional Account holders the option of working with stones on an approval basis to ensure each of our clients has an opportunity to work directly with our individual stones and styles, before selecting their final choice.
      Having received your approximate specifications, we are willing to supply you with a selection of gemstones that reflect your brief and budget. We will supply a range of stones in a variety of Carats, Cuts, Colors and Clarities for our clients to see the differences for themselves and share that transparency with their customers.


      We are also available to liase directly with clients’ customers to help educate and support their investment choice, ensuring they feel confident in the selections they are making.  

        Ethical-Sourcing & Competitive Pricing

          It is our aim to source stones as direct from the origin as possible, so we can ensure our gems retain a consistent and competitive price, while also enabling us to fairly reward all those involved in the process, including local miners, artisans and merchants.

          We also offer Preferred Client Pricing to all Infinity Gems Professional Account holders.


          Certification & Accuracy

          It is essential that all our gemstones are accurately detailed, which is why Infinity Gems have invested in the latest tools and software to capture, measure and value our portfolio of gemstones.

          We are able to send images, video and copies of certifcations on request. 

          For more information on our Certifcation & Valuation service, click here


            Express Overnight Shipping

              We have worked for many years with our shipping partner, Malca Amit who are able to provide our clients with secure overnight shipping* to ensure you have our stones ready to present to your customers.
              Malca Amit are renowned for their reputation within the global luxury market, so to arrange delivery, simply call us directly and we can arrange for our stones to be with you within 24hrs.
              (*Overnight delivery is guaranteed to most international destinations, however in some cases our couriers may require 48-72 hours for delivery.)


              Create A Professional Account

              Discover if you are eligible for an Infinity Gem Professional Account here or by emailing us your company information (including a valid VAT number).

              Benefits of an Infinity Professional Account include:
              Preferred Client Pricing
              Priority Delivery
              Access to Gems on Approval
              Invitations to exclusive Gemstone Education & Training Courses