Who are we?

Founded in 2017 by Jonathan Reichman, Infinity Gems is passionate about presenting the Earth’s most precious and beautiful resource in its finest form.

Based in Antwerp, Belgium and with a century-long family gemstone tradition that first began in South Africa in 1927, Jonathan has a unique understanding and appreciation of the cutting, manufacturing and supply of jewels.

“Having been raised in the gemstone world - back to my grandfather who first manufactured stones in Johannesburg - I have an exceptional insight into the rich culture, extraordinary workmanship and exceptional service that is expected from our partners.”

  Committed to providing each client with genuine quality and a trusted assurance that each stone is natural and has been ethically-sourced as close to the source as possible, Infinity Gems is:

"Dedicated to sourcing and supplying the finest natural, sustainable and ethically-sourced gemstones from around the world, we ensure our partners exceptional quality together with trusted service."

- Jonathan Reichman -
 We work closely with a range of wholesalers, jewellers and designers across Europe and beyond, providing them with the extensive variety of unique gems they need in order to meet their customers diverse requirements.
As part of Infinity Gem’s Professional Account services, we have created tailor-made solutions for all our client’s requirements including Gem Valuation, Gem Certification and Gem Cutting expertise.

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